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Some short stories

Freedom of expression can be put into overdrive when you grow your knowledge and improve your idiomatic expressions usage. You can find these and hundreds more in my three books that are posted in Enjoy the stories below and put what you learn into practice. Learning English takes time and you can do it.

When my dad found out, he blew his top

This expression refers to a father, but you can change this title for any other name. The person mentioned above becomes very angry upon discovering that something had happened. I made my father blow his top many times. He would have blown his top many more times if he had found out everything I did as a teen. Sorry to say that, but I learned from many of my mistakes and I hope that I am a better person today because of it.

The class is going to have to be all ears today

This expression refers to the need for everyone to listen to what is being said. I went to some schools where every class was a social hour. Some of my teachers were more serious than others, but there were some that if you gave them a subject to talk about; they would talk about it for the next 50 minutes or so. The subject often had nothing to do with the actual subject being taught in the class.

I believe I have a lemon on my hands

This expression refers to the fact that you bought a car that does not work. It seems to have problems from day one. I once bought a car like that. It was the first year of a new model. Today the model is very popular and beautiful. The car has been refined over the years. The entire transmission broke on me in the first month. The dealership didn’t have a mechanic trained to fix the car yet. That is how new it was. It was a lemon, but the manufacturer has made lemonade out of it today.

I’ve been on cloud nine all day

This expression refers to being really happy about a situation. You are in the clouds and dreaming about how good something is or will be. It looks like you are floating to other people. You have a smile fixed to your face. I hope that you have the chance to be on cloud nine as you imagine traveling and using your English while you are doing it.

Two heads are better than one

This expression refers to the fact that things are generally easier with more than one person involved. Two people thinking can come up with a solution faster than just one in most cases. I asked my wife to review the material in my books. I know that she sees things differently. Her head and mine can do a better job of making sure that you get a great lesson. Two heads are better than one.

That poor guy is all washed up

This expression refers to the end of someone’s career or skill set. The person is not doing well now. They lost their touch and their abilities. This is a sad expression.

Why don’t you just zip your lips

This expression refers to the request that somebody shut their mouth. It is not polite to say this but sometimes necessary. You can imagine a person closing a zipper. Imagine a person’s lips as the zipper and now the zipper is closed. The person is unable to speak and that is good on some occasions. Use this expression wisely.

We are just shooting the breeze

This expression refers to people talking about normal stuff. The conversation doesn’t have to be deep, or planned, or special, just some people standing around or sitting and chatting.

He is a fair-weather friend

This expression refers to the person that only comes to you when they need something from you. When you need something from them, they are unavailable. This is not considered to be a good friend. You should not try to be one of these friends.

Something smells fishy

This expression refers to something not seeming right about a situation. We say that there is a strange smell because it is a strange situation. You might recognize this situation by having butterflies in your stomach, or an uneasy feeling about something. When something smells fishy, you should consider staying away from that situation.