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See what you are missing and let us change your mind

I recently read a result from some research that was done regarding the rudest city in Brazil. To my surprise, the city that I choose to call home and have done so for the last twelve years was voted as the rudest capital city in Brazil. I am still shocked about this as I write this and I completely disagree, with all due respect.

I have heard a number of times that Americans are rude, and when I think about that view, I also have to disagree. Perspective is what you make of it and we all can come to a conclusion about something before we even know anything about it. So why do people think that we are rude here in Goiania, Goias and why do people think that Americans are rude? I would say that a lack of knowledge about who we are is the key culprit. I have been all over Brazil as well as the US and I have really enjoyed each place and the people there. I have to admit that driving in Goiania is a little challenging sometimes, but my students in Sao Paulo always complain about their commutes, and my students in Brasilia complain about that city as well.

I was attracted to this city, as it is the home of my Brazilian wife, and I have been visiting here for the last twenty-five years. I have met so many wonderful people throughout this time and have glorious things to say about the people that live here. There are many people from all over Brazil here and the diversity, although not so big, is still pretty good.

Watching this marvelous city grow is inspiring. It has always made me want to be more and to do more. I have looked for ways to have a bigger reach and to help more people. I began as a private English teacher here as many people here are highly educated and well-travelled. I was asked by a family friend to teach him English and have been full speed ahead ever since. What began over twelve years ago has led to me being the creator of the courses on, a Native English Language Teacher, Especialista No Ensino De Inglês Para Brasileiros, English Assessment Interviewer, Portuguese to English Translator, English Text Reviewer and English Text Proofreader. I have written three books (Intro Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced English) for English learners and have helped to prepare youth and adults for their trips abroad. As a private English teacher for over a decade, I found that many students expressed their frustration at feeling locked and insecure with their English language abilities. They felt that they were losing opportunities to present and to excel in their respected company. It is my desire, as it has always been, to give English learners the ability to improve on what they have already learned while growing in their knowledge and confidence. Non-native English-speakers face the challenge of keeping their English up to date and fresh. Make Your English Better can deliver three levels to help make this possible. At your convenience, you can work towards thriving in an English environment with your newly acquired skills.

So, getting back to the point about Goiania being the rudest city in Brazil. I challenge people to visit here, to dine here, shop here, have a conversation with us in a café. We are good people, loving people and intelligent people. I believe that I have high standards and Goiania meets all of my needs. See what you are missing and let us change your mind. Welcome to Goiania!