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Retain what you worked so hard to learn and build upon that foundation

I am often asked if one English class per week is enough to learn English and I always respond with a question. The same question that I always ask is if they are currently studying and I frequently get a no answer. I then tell them that one class per week is much better than no class and they can always add more after they start.

Some English language learners look for a perfect scenario to learn in and the idea sounds great. In execution, it is hard to get everything that you want though. I myself for example have been teaching private English classes for over twelve years and have written three books. I have taught hundreds of students and helped some of them get life changing jobs, but that is not enough for some. One person decided not to study with me because I have an American accent and they wanted a British accent, as they said that it sounded more sophisticated. I can’t even fake that accent, so I was not a candidate.

Opportunities to learn and Make Your English Better abound today and you can learn from anywhere and in many ways. There are some amazing sites and some fabulous teachers. I’m not too keen of showing myself off and I am not flamboyant with my voice or gestures but there are some really entertaining teachers if you like entertainment. I also know some non-native English teachers that have better English than some Americans that I know. I do not think that you need to find a native teacher to learn English. There are some really passionate teachers that love their jobs as I do and want their students to grow and blossom. Find a teacher that you can work well with, a teacher that inspires you and challenges you in the right ways and at the right time.

I have a line that I say and believe to be true in regards to English learning whether it is online, in a group or through private English class learning, and I will repeat myself twice so that you can put it in your head. Retain what you worked so hard to learn and build upon that foundation. Let me say it again, retain what you worked so hard to learn and build upon that foundation. Practice makes perfect and you need to keep your English fresh so that you are ready to use it when called upon. I have several students that have studied with me for more than eight years so that they are sharp. Some of them travel abroad each year, or need English for business, and they complement our time together because they are prepared to speak and listen when needed. I admire their dedication and know that they are following what I repeated above.

So, what will it take for you to continue your studies and to work towards perfecting your English language skills? Each of my three books that I wrote are written in a way that makes English learning and memory enhancing easier. The English is real, the examples are from my life and the pictures are vivid. English is within your grasp; you just need to step forward and private classes with me or classes through will get you on track. Intro Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced English courses are waiting for you. Let’s get started!