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Idioms: A chance to say what you want to say but in a funny and mysterious way.

I love idioms and make them a daily part of my life. I’ve never been ashamed to use them and nowadays find myself saying them more than ever. Expressions, like a dream come true, are a perfect reflection of how I see my life today. Even as I write this text, I see how they get along with each other and with my daily interactions. Idioms are a fun way to express what you want to say to others. They are hard to understand when they are by themselves, but when they are joined together, they work with each other and do what they are supposed to do.

Some people have a fear to use them out of embarrassment or the inability to remember them. Practice makes perfect and idioms are no different. How and when you use them is up to you. The words that you put together are non-compositional. The combination of the words helps you to understand the significance. They are like a puzzle. It is hard to imagine an image with one piece, but when you put the puzzle together, you can see the full image and meaning.

I would advise you to start to use a couple of expressions as you go through the day and come into contact with other people. Don’t be afraid to use them incorrectly. A language is alive and changes under the influence of different cultures and situations. It’s up to you. You can make idioms a natural way to express yourself like a native speaker. Don’t let your fear reign over you.

This text is from the Idiomatic Expressions One book at the Intermediate level and serves as an example of how useful idioms can be in the English language. Every aspect of a language is important and fun and Make Your English Better knows that practice makes perfect and you need to be involved in the language. Visit to get started with your own English language learning experience. Retain what you worked so hard to learn and build upon that foundation.