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The solutions

Non-native English-speakers face the challenge of keeping their English up to date and fresh. Make Your English Better can deliver three levels to help make this possible. At your convenience, you can work towards thriving in an English environment with your newly acquired skills.

Intro Intermediate

The Intro Intermediate level contains 26 lessons (15 hours) with 52 videos to follow. You must have a basic knowledge of English at the A-1 or A-2 level to fully enjoy and learn from these lessons. This level is for students that want to build upon their English foundation and improve their overall English skills.

Building confidence to take steps forward

These lessons remind you of what you have learned while building up your knowledge of the English language. Your inventory of words will grow and exercises to reinforce their usage will help you communicate with others in a confident way.


The Intermediate level contains 31 lessons (17.5 hours) with 61 videos to follow. You need to be at least an Intermediate English level of B-1 to gain the most from these lessons.

Feeling like you are without borders

These lessons will put you in a position to see where you want to go with your newly acquired abilities. The Intermediate level gives you the ability to enter into a conversation, negotiate, travel, learn and enjoy international culture.


The Advanced level contains 24 lessons (12.5 hours) with 47 videos to follow. You need to have an Advanced level of English or a high Intermediate level equivalent to a B-2 level to get the most from these lessons.

Experiencing the world and opening doors

These lessons will help you to build your English skills in a way that improves your ability to face challenges, present your ideas, compose an intelligent text and digest what you hear and read in English. The lessons are presented at a faster pace to make the situation more realistic and the texts are more complex.


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