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Do you feel like you are going in circles sometimes when learning English?

Do you feel like you are going in circles sometimes? I love having a routine but I admit that it is nice to break out of it sometimes. This is an interesting idea and applies to many things in life that we are involved in doing. When I think of a merry go round, I see people watching as the children go round and round in a controlled movement. The kids think that they are having fun but they are going nowhere in reality. I suppose that this is good at a young age, but my son was driving his own bumper car as soon as they would allow him to do so. It was nice to see him controlling his destination and now he takes even bigger steps with more independence. Everything in its proper time I suppose. Going in a circle is OK when you are new, but you need to spread your wings at some point.

Regarding your ability to learn English, the classroom is a great place to learn, but when you step out and actually apply what you learn, you can see the results and build upon that foundation. Limiting yourself to a small group of people or a controlled environment feels safe but it is actually restrictive. You can choke your ability to learn English and this applies to many areas besides English learning. Are you a person that has tried to learn a half dozen times or have you stuck with your opportunity and rose through the ranks?

Teaching English has been a real pleasure for me and I have been doing it for over twelve years now as a private teacher. I see firsthand the desire to learn, but I also see the struggles and outside walls and situations that often interrupt the learning process for so many. The material that I use in my classes was developed over the last decade and has gone through changes as I myself learn and hear from my students. The material is real and the phrases are full of life and hope. It is easier to learn when you can relate to the material and it is wonderful to breath in the culture, even if from your home. I recently created and the video learning courses that are hosted by the site. It was so much fun to make these videos and to open up the opportunity to learn to many more people around the world.

We are one week into this new year as I am writing this text and I am excited for the opportunity to get off the merry go round and take a situation by the horns and experience the world. I hope that you consider improving your English through and that it opens doors for you and that takes you out of a monotonous or dull English learning experience.

I hope you can spread your wings with your English and that this year is the year that you decide to do so. The sky is the limit and the world is big.

Christopher DeLong