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Balance is a skill in regards to English learning

What changes have you passed through over the last several years? What have you put in your path for the next several years? Having a plan is a great step towards fulfilling your goals. Write down what you want to do as well as share your dreams with others that you can trust. It is healthy to have a goal and to work towards it. Do your best with what you have and work towards improving on it. Self-satisfaction is a great blessing so long as it doesn’t make you lazy to try to get more. Balance is a skill and you need to be the master. I hope that you enjoy these lessons and that you work towards doing more. I created these for you and for your dreams. I hope they help you build your life and take you where you want to go.

My wife has joked with me several times that I need to write books. My life is not necessarily unique, but I have the courage to share details about it and that does set me apart. The words, sentences and combinations that are written in each lesson have a purpose. What is it you might ask yourself? I want to help you enhance your English abilities through real life experiences that will help you to remember and apply what you learn to your life. Another important goal is to lift you up and encourage you. There are many people with their heads down and using your English skills in real life is no different. Attitude is everything and you are your biggest blessing and curse. As I live in Brazil, my Portuguese is most certainly usable but in need of fine tuning. I am able to resolve all of my problems and even get some people to laugh as I wiggle through a complicated conversation. My greatest asset is that I try to communicate. I do not run away from a conversation and build upon each interaction.

There are lots of great teachers and schools in the world. I want to be a tool in your life and not necessarily a replacement for other people or programs. Personal interaction is a necessity and you need to practice what you learn. Talk to your teacher about using the site or use it on your own as a way to enhance what you have learned from those around you. You can do it and we can help. I really believe that and I encourage you to use this philosophy throughout your life. What are the challenges you face each day and, in your education, or job? I believe that many of these things are intertwined and related. We look at those around us and admire their success without realizing what they went through to get to that point. The lessons in come from blood, sweat and tears. Life is an adventure and I have grabbed life by the horns.

I do not have any regrets about moving every one or two years to a new school, what I chose to study in college or deciding to move to Brazil. My job as a private English teacher is one of the best of my life and I get to see victories and difficulties each day as my English students learn and live. Join me for your next English learning adventure and work through the Intro Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced or Idiomatic Expressions English courses on the site. These were written for you and you will grow in your English communication abilities and retain what you worked so hard to learn.