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Private English Teacher

Hello, I’m Christopher DeLong

Private English Teacher

What I have, I want to offer you.

It has been my honor to be teaching English as a private teacher to Brazilians since 2010 and I would like to take this program to the world. I am thankful for the chance to help others open doors in the areas of work, travel and education. The English language is a tool to take advantage of opportunities and we all need to make our English better. I hope you enjoy these lessons and that they help you to retain what you have worked so hard to learn.

Your past can help shape your future.

Growing up in the United States, I was always interested in communicating with others and looking to expand my contacts. Specifically paying attention to History and English, I knew that knowledge opened doors and the world was full of opportunities in many sectors and for many people. Access to areas like social media, travel, education and careers has broadened the importance of preparation and opportunity.

Communication has helped me to be accepted.

As a foreigner living in Brazil, I have seen how important communication is and have felt welcomed here. In 2010, the door opened for me to begin teaching English to friends and neighbors. I have developed my material and my presentation over the years and would now like to share it with you.


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