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A Land So Vast

Written by Christopher DeLong 1992

A land so vast, or so it seems. A handful of dreams that one can only hope to come true. A person who has so much and feels so knowledgeable. Yet, their eyes are blind to what surrounds them. So many people to meet, so many places to visit.

With each turn of the minute hand, experiences are lost and chances missed. To sit is to go without and to wonder may be hypocritical. To judge another by their physical appearance and a lonely rumor is of such evil nature. Chances to be taken and trust to be handed out to those who deserve it.

Have you ever wondered about what surrounds you? Have you ever really been out of your little air bubble? Can you one day tell your children about the world if you have no experiences?

People are nomads, endless wanderers who, if not traveling physically, must travel mentally. Being taken by a simple thought to a place where all of mankind is set apart from each other. A perfect society where people are not perfect but unique.

A world full of heroes that we, as people, look up to and dream of being, not realizing their problems. A notion to be on top, and first in line, but with little experience. Example setters living and, with time, dying, who knew no more than their followers.

Journey into the darkest realm of your mind and forget not what you have learned.

With all the things that I have been through I still feel as though I haven’t found a life or a home that I feel comfortable with. I ask everyone to take chances, open their eyes and live life to the fullest.

The above text was written by me at the age of seventeen for a school project and is published in my English course through Make Your English Better. I have always been passionate about writing and encourage you to do the same. Explore your possibilities and express yourself. Improve your English and open doors through English learning. Retain what you worked so hard to learn and build upon that foundation. Private English classes or online learning through can help a lot.