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Improve your ENGLISH and make yourself more confident.

The English language is a tool to take advantage of opportunities and we all need to make our English better.

These lessons will help you to retain what you have worked so hard to learn and build upon that foundation.

Make Your English Better knows that keywords can help in a conversation with a client, during a trip or while learning. Your knowledge of the English language and lack of fear to speak can open doors. We also know that overall English knowledge can take your relationships even further as you have the ability to interact with more people and in diverse situations. Conversations and communication do not always involve only business or travel English.


We aim to build overall knowledge of the English language.


We aim to build English communication confidence through video learning, material learning, improved listening skills and outside the box thinking.


We aim to integrate professional English conversation with everyday English conversation.


We aim to help you provide another benefit for yourself so that you can attract better employment opportunities.


We have seen many students pass through our program and have fine-tuned the lessons over the years to make this possible.

Individual results may vary, but you are giving yourself the green light to prosper and to find success with your English communication skills.

Christopher Delong

We expect that you will grow in your knowledge and confidence regarding the English language. It is important for you to access the lessons and work through each one. You will be challenged to complete the assigned homework at the end of each English lesson video and another answer video will review the completed material. Individual results may vary but can give you the opportunity to grow and prosper.

Financial Benefits

Affordable English learning at your convenience.

Improving English language skills improves world access and diversity.

The more confident you are about your English skills, the more potential to pay attention and participate in things you will have.

Technical Benefits

Attractive lessons and videos to help you comprehend what you are studying and to stay involved.

Easy site access along with downloadable and printable material.

Online support.

Other Benefits

As a private English teacher for over a decade, the creator of these courses found that many students expressed their frustration at feeling locked and insecure with their English language abilities. They felt that they were losing opportunities to present and to excel in their respected company. It is Christopher DeLong’s desire, as it has always been, to give English learners the ability to improve on what they have already learned while growing in their knowledge and confidence. He was inspired by what he saw around him and by his students in his private classes. The material that you see in the videos is the same material that he uses in his classes. Now he wants to share it with you at your convenience and at an affordable price.


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